Monday, May 31, 2010

Mayuri Indian Cuisine

Who doesn't love long weekend? not me, obviously.

Today, I finally had Indian food after craving Cedars for quite sometimes. I haven't been to Cedars, but I guess Mayuri Indian Cuisine satisfy my bud (for now). Little story about it, the restaurant was easy to find.

Front View

It's a small Indian Buffet restaurant (buffet only for lunch) next to Trader Joe's. If I'm not mistaken they also have Lunch for to go and it's only $5.95. Overall I like the foods there. You have to try the lamb, butter chicken and the bread (is it prata?) They also have unique dessert, there are 2 desserts, fruit salad and i forgot the other one. Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to try the other one. It's red color, and it looks like sambel cobek (Indonesian chili), the fruit dessert is yellow color (I wish I took picture of it) and it looks more like curry than dessert. It mango flavor with canned fruit, I guess. I only tried one teaspoon because my friends make fun of it. *sigh*

The Food that I took :D

The platting was cute (in my opinion), and for some reason the plate reminds me of jail. However, I can't resist the butter chicken and the lamb. They have two types of rice, with a coconut and regular long grain rice. I think if you are looking for Indian food, this restaurant is worth to try. They also have reasonable price, 4 people for $38.50 +tax. Not bad at all :D


  1. grats on your new blog! i luv indian food too ;)

  2. @erika : yes sistaaa :D ud perna makan blon? hati2 sakit perut :p

    @jan : tq say :)