Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I think Seattle has quite many Dimsum places, the only problem is to find the one with less crowd. I used to like going to Jade Garden or Top Gun but if I don't want to wait, I always go to O'Asian. I always get table whenever I came here, which i like. The atmosphere of this place is more like Asian fusion lounge type. You still served with Chinese auntie and uncle (don't worry). I have to say that the food wasn't bad at all. I love love love their chili. :p

The plating was kinda cute because everyone get different set of dishes. Wait, not a set but everything is different. Haha, different tea cups, different plates, the only thing that alike is their chopstick. I have to say that their quality food sometimes a little bit inconsistent. Last time I ate it was a little dry but for those who doesn't want to wait, give a shot for this place :) O, the only thing that I don't like from this place is, there's one auntie who keep asking us for her food. Other than that, this is just the right place.

Picture above are some foods that we ordered. Hakau are overloaded with the shrimp, Siomay is made with real meat, you know when you eat siomay with 75% of flour. I bet it won't make you happy. Chicken feet, yes it has been pedicured so no disgusting scene when you eat. :P

I've never tried their happy hour or do lounge (they have bar), but this place will also work as a meeting place or conference.

Happy Dimsum guys :P

800 5th Ave
Seattle, WA 98104

(206) 264-1789

Monday, May 23, 2011

Bedlam Coffee

Have you guys ever heard a game called "Monopoly Deal"? OMG, this is so much fun and I actually first played this game at Bedlam Coffee. However, I won't discuss about this game but one word: FUN wait, + 1 word: ADDICTING :D

Bedlam might be a good place for meeting because they actually have meeting room that fit up to 10 - 12 people? NO SMOKING PLEASE. What to eat here?

Cinnamon French Toast with peanut butter

Actually you can ask their toast with butter or without and as a side you can ask for peanut butter or other jams. This special toast (for me), eventho it's buttery *yes, it is*. When they first just serve you, it was crunchy, fluffy, sweet with a hint of cinnamon. When you put peanut butter on top, it adds everything. *slurp* I had their cookie before, but i forgot to take picture of it. I think it's homemade, texture was in a middle of chunky and soft but for me they have some smell on it.

They also have Nutella Latte which I think not too Nutella, you can find Nuttela Latte better than this place, I believe. Well, try their Lavender Mocha? It's unique :)

If you are looking somewhere new, this might be a new experience, moreover FREE WI-FI here :D

Ballet Restaurant

Happy Monday, guys! Back to school mood and I think so Seattle does, gloomy day.

Couple days ago, I went to Ballet Restaurant. It's not a ballet store where they served food but it's Vietnamese restaurant. I was thinking of going to Pho Tan at Broadway area but I was too lazy so I gave this a try. NO one were there when I came, except the owner.

Place, kinda shady and super quiet, menu wasn't too complicated (i guess). I didn't look through too much because I just want to have their pho. Their pho comes in 2 size, Small and Large and if you have the combo, it's the same price with the Large one. I don't know how big is the large since i ate there by myself.

P9 ? (basically with everything)

Not the best pho, but still edible. For me, the broth was a little salty but after I put all the green it taste better :) They served you pretty fast even not as fast as Pho Tan Brothers. They are generous with the meats and tendons. Some pho restaurant might just give you like 2 pieces of tendons and that's it. Beef quality? just so-so i guess, I don't know the exact reason. because only view people come or what.

Talking back about the menu, i think this might be a good options for vegetarian because they have some vegetarian options which i think really nice about this restaurant.

Thank you guys for reading my blog, stay warm and have a good day :)

Ballet Restaurant
914 E Pike St
Seattle, WA 98122

(206) 328-7983

Friday, May 20, 2011

Patty's Eggnest

Goodddd Morningggg :)

What a lovely today Seattle~ Shall we start with breakfast then? I went to Patty's Eggnest yesterday. They actually have 2 location, the origin one was in Mill Creek but unfortunately the closed now. So I went to this restaurant somewhere in the middle of Greenwood and Ballard. It's not exact Ballard it's kinda "Ballard way". Well, the easiest one to find this restaurant is they located in the same area with Greenwood/Ballard QFC (geez, sorry I got confused with the exact location -_-")

Anyway, Patty's Eggnest, they are: Winner of Seattle's Best Breakfast Award and Winner of the National Golden Egg Award. However it seems like people love their carbs instead of egg. I didn't try any of their egg dishes yesterday but only their famous Nutter Butter French Toast.

Before talking further about their food, I would like to briefly review about their place. Spacious and American Traditional Style, just next to the cashier, they have the "believe it or not" kind of stuff - flying tap water. They also have cute treasure box full with small toy. I took one of their handband. :P

Fresh Squish Orange Juice - not pasteurized

Super Fresh : lil bit sour but so goooddd. They come in 3 size, Small, Medium and Large. I got the Medium one, and picture with water in it will be the Large one. The Small one probably same height with the juice inside the glass or you will know when you first came in to the restaurant. They will served you with iced water and I believe that will be the small one.

Nutter Butter French Toast

This Toast comes with 2 sausages or 2 bacon and ACTUALLY it supposed to be 2x bigger than this. The lady just separated it into 2 plates I think since we told that we were going to share. I cut it a little so you guys can see the nutter butter in the middle. OH, you can add $2 extra for 2 egg, any style. We asked for pouch egg, unfortunately my friend's a little overcook so it more like soft boiled egg and mine almost perfect. Sorry for jumping all over, back to the bread. It's crunchy on the outside, not too sweet and the butter just perfect. You have to eat it with even bitsy whipped cream or it won't taste wonderful anymore :P I don't know if they make their whipped cream or buy it because it taste sweeter than usual whipped cream that I bought at grocery store.

Since I have pretty sensitive stomach, this food considered "lil greasy" for me and I can't really bare with it. So my suggestion is to have something savory like their omelet? And have the nutter butter for sharing together with your beloved one.

I'm coming back again to this place and going to try their omelets!

Patty's Eggnest
9749 Holman Rd NW
Seattle, WA 98117

(206) 297-1545

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Grill on Brodway

Before I review what I ate, I will let you to take a look of the picture and guess what is this...

I found this lovely dish at The Grill on Broadway or I just simply call it Broadway Grill. If you familiar with Broadway area, this restaurant located close to Urban Outfitters. Never been before, the restaurant look small from the outside but when I had the dish above, it actually pretty spacious. Passing by this often pretty often, moreover when I still took bus to school. During nice weather, they actually open their inner window (I don't know how to explain this well *sigh*). Basically when they drag up their window or door, become open space and you'd be able to enjoy the nice weather. Depending upon the weather, you will also be able to enjoy the sunshine by having table in their patio seating outside.

Since I didn't order anything beside this (yes, we went here purposely after dinner. so i think it's enough. WAIT or I ordered calamari? nvm). SOOOO, the picture above is actually Fresh Soft Baked Cookie with Vanilla Ice Cream on Heaven :P It took a while to get this because I think they made it right after you order it. I ordered the old fashioned cookie with dark chocolate chips, they actually have White Chocolate Macadamia but we thought it would be too sweet.

Overall, I had a good time here and their menu pretty interesting, I think I might come back for their Happy Hour tho :P

Last but not least, if anyone of you interested in trying this restaurant and not sure. Just buy their coupons, you will save 60% and I think when you don't like the restaurant it won't hurt :) Click here to buy the gift certificate: $10 value for $5 and $25 value for $10.

The Grill on Broadway
314 Broadway E
Seattle, WA 98102

(206) 328 7000

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Standford's Restaurant & Bar

Yellow~ Welcoming myself back to my beloved long lost food blog. I think my smartphone is getting older and become not as smart as before, moreover it fell down so often. This is also the reason why I kinda become lazy in taking pictures. Everytime I took pictures and try upload it to facebook, my phone got reset automatically >_< I was thinking of using my itouch or real camera but I just don't have the feel in taking picture beside using my phone. SO apologize guys :) --- UNNECESSARY TO READ THIS PART.

Today, I just had happy hour at Standford's Restaurant & Bar that located in Northgate Mall area. Never been here before but my friend said it was ok, so I went there and give a try. We went there around 10ish when and their HAPPY HOUR starts at 9 - closed. Place was okay, I think I never been there because their location is kinda weird, at the corner and kinda shady.

Food? During Happy hour and for the price of $3 and $4, it's totally edible.

Mac & Cheese

Errr... I might call this as Mac & "not too" cheese. As you can see through the pictures, the mac & cheese looks somehow just boiled - al dente macaroni with little cheese and yes they have crunchy bacon. Not my favorite but if you want mac & cheese that not too cheesy, this will a great choice.

Cheese Burger

The only thing that I like from this burger is the bun, if you were from Indonesia just imagine "push cart style burger guy" (a.k.a burger abang2). The bun was kinda crunchy, soft and very airy. Patty? what do you expect for a $3.5 food? Fries? DO NOT TOUCH, sorry to say butttttttt just by looking at it, it looks super greasy and my friend tried a piece and he just told me "dont eat it"

Chicken Tenderloin

Not the best - enough said. It just a regular chicken stripe, greasy and i still didn't touch the fries.

If you guys are going to Standford, do you mind if you try the ribs and pizza for me? Hahaha, I saw people next to me having the ribs and it actually smell pretty good, the pizza is thin dough type. If one day I'm going back to Standford and try the pizza and the ribs I promise that I'm going to write review on it.

Have a good day, guys :)

Standford's Restaurant & Bar

401 NE Northgate Way
Ste 1106
Seattle, WA 98125
(206) 834-6277