Friday, May 20, 2011

Patty's Eggnest

Goodddd Morningggg :)

What a lovely today Seattle~ Shall we start with breakfast then? I went to Patty's Eggnest yesterday. They actually have 2 location, the origin one was in Mill Creek but unfortunately the closed now. So I went to this restaurant somewhere in the middle of Greenwood and Ballard. It's not exact Ballard it's kinda "Ballard way". Well, the easiest one to find this restaurant is they located in the same area with Greenwood/Ballard QFC (geez, sorry I got confused with the exact location -_-")

Anyway, Patty's Eggnest, they are: Winner of Seattle's Best Breakfast Award and Winner of the National Golden Egg Award. However it seems like people love their carbs instead of egg. I didn't try any of their egg dishes yesterday but only their famous Nutter Butter French Toast.

Before talking further about their food, I would like to briefly review about their place. Spacious and American Traditional Style, just next to the cashier, they have the "believe it or not" kind of stuff - flying tap water. They also have cute treasure box full with small toy. I took one of their handband. :P

Fresh Squish Orange Juice - not pasteurized

Super Fresh : lil bit sour but so goooddd. They come in 3 size, Small, Medium and Large. I got the Medium one, and picture with water in it will be the Large one. The Small one probably same height with the juice inside the glass or you will know when you first came in to the restaurant. They will served you with iced water and I believe that will be the small one.

Nutter Butter French Toast

This Toast comes with 2 sausages or 2 bacon and ACTUALLY it supposed to be 2x bigger than this. The lady just separated it into 2 plates I think since we told that we were going to share. I cut it a little so you guys can see the nutter butter in the middle. OH, you can add $2 extra for 2 egg, any style. We asked for pouch egg, unfortunately my friend's a little overcook so it more like soft boiled egg and mine almost perfect. Sorry for jumping all over, back to the bread. It's crunchy on the outside, not too sweet and the butter just perfect. You have to eat it with even bitsy whipped cream or it won't taste wonderful anymore :P I don't know if they make their whipped cream or buy it because it taste sweeter than usual whipped cream that I bought at grocery store.

Since I have pretty sensitive stomach, this food considered "lil greasy" for me and I can't really bare with it. So my suggestion is to have something savory like their omelet? And have the nutter butter for sharing together with your beloved one.

I'm coming back again to this place and going to try their omelets!

Patty's Eggnest
9749 Holman Rd NW
Seattle, WA 98117

(206) 297-1545

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