Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I think Seattle has quite many Dimsum places, the only problem is to find the one with less crowd. I used to like going to Jade Garden or Top Gun but if I don't want to wait, I always go to O'Asian. I always get table whenever I came here, which i like. The atmosphere of this place is more like Asian fusion lounge type. You still served with Chinese auntie and uncle (don't worry). I have to say that the food wasn't bad at all. I love love love their chili. :p

The plating was kinda cute because everyone get different set of dishes. Wait, not a set but everything is different. Haha, different tea cups, different plates, the only thing that alike is their chopstick. I have to say that their quality food sometimes a little bit inconsistent. Last time I ate it was a little dry but for those who doesn't want to wait, give a shot for this place :) O, the only thing that I don't like from this place is, there's one auntie who keep asking us for her food. Other than that, this is just the right place.

Picture above are some foods that we ordered. Hakau are overloaded with the shrimp, Siomay is made with real meat, you know when you eat siomay with 75% of flour. I bet it won't make you happy. Chicken feet, yes it has been pedicured so no disgusting scene when you eat. :P

I've never tried their happy hour or do lounge (they have bar), but this place will also work as a meeting place or conference.

Happy Dimsum guys :P

800 5th Ave
Seattle, WA 98104

(206) 264-1789

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