Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Standford's Restaurant & Bar

Yellow~ Welcoming myself back to my beloved long lost food blog. I think my smartphone is getting older and become not as smart as before, moreover it fell down so often. This is also the reason why I kinda become lazy in taking pictures. Everytime I took pictures and try upload it to facebook, my phone got reset automatically >_< I was thinking of using my itouch or real camera but I just don't have the feel in taking picture beside using my phone. SO apologize guys :) --- UNNECESSARY TO READ THIS PART.

Today, I just had happy hour at Standford's Restaurant & Bar that located in Northgate Mall area. Never been here before but my friend said it was ok, so I went there and give a try. We went there around 10ish when and their HAPPY HOUR starts at 9 - closed. Place was okay, I think I never been there because their location is kinda weird, at the corner and kinda shady.

Food? During Happy hour and for the price of $3 and $4, it's totally edible.

Mac & Cheese

Errr... I might call this as Mac & "not too" cheese. As you can see through the pictures, the mac & cheese looks somehow just boiled - al dente macaroni with little cheese and yes they have crunchy bacon. Not my favorite but if you want mac & cheese that not too cheesy, this will a great choice.

Cheese Burger

The only thing that I like from this burger is the bun, if you were from Indonesia just imagine "push cart style burger guy" (a.k.a burger abang2). The bun was kinda crunchy, soft and very airy. Patty? what do you expect for a $3.5 food? Fries? DO NOT TOUCH, sorry to say butttttttt just by looking at it, it looks super greasy and my friend tried a piece and he just told me "dont eat it"

Chicken Tenderloin

Not the best - enough said. It just a regular chicken stripe, greasy and i still didn't touch the fries.

If you guys are going to Standford, do you mind if you try the ribs and pizza for me? Hahaha, I saw people next to me having the ribs and it actually smell pretty good, the pizza is thin dough type. If one day I'm going back to Standford and try the pizza and the ribs I promise that I'm going to write review on it.

Have a good day, guys :)

Standford's Restaurant & Bar

401 NE Northgate Way
Ste 1106
Seattle, WA 98125
(206) 834-6277

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