Monday, May 23, 2011

Bedlam Coffee

Have you guys ever heard a game called "Monopoly Deal"? OMG, this is so much fun and I actually first played this game at Bedlam Coffee. However, I won't discuss about this game but one word: FUN wait, + 1 word: ADDICTING :D

Bedlam might be a good place for meeting because they actually have meeting room that fit up to 10 - 12 people? NO SMOKING PLEASE. What to eat here?

Cinnamon French Toast with peanut butter

Actually you can ask their toast with butter or without and as a side you can ask for peanut butter or other jams. This special toast (for me), eventho it's buttery *yes, it is*. When they first just serve you, it was crunchy, fluffy, sweet with a hint of cinnamon. When you put peanut butter on top, it adds everything. *slurp* I had their cookie before, but i forgot to take picture of it. I think it's homemade, texture was in a middle of chunky and soft but for me they have some smell on it.

They also have Nutella Latte which I think not too Nutella, you can find Nuttela Latte better than this place, I believe. Well, try their Lavender Mocha? It's unique :)

If you are looking somewhere new, this might be a new experience, moreover FREE WI-FI here :D

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