Monday, May 23, 2011

Ballet Restaurant

Happy Monday, guys! Back to school mood and I think so Seattle does, gloomy day.

Couple days ago, I went to Ballet Restaurant. It's not a ballet store where they served food but it's Vietnamese restaurant. I was thinking of going to Pho Tan at Broadway area but I was too lazy so I gave this a try. NO one were there when I came, except the owner.

Place, kinda shady and super quiet, menu wasn't too complicated (i guess). I didn't look through too much because I just want to have their pho. Their pho comes in 2 size, Small and Large and if you have the combo, it's the same price with the Large one. I don't know how big is the large since i ate there by myself.

P9 ? (basically with everything)

Not the best pho, but still edible. For me, the broth was a little salty but after I put all the green it taste better :) They served you pretty fast even not as fast as Pho Tan Brothers. They are generous with the meats and tendons. Some pho restaurant might just give you like 2 pieces of tendons and that's it. Beef quality? just so-so i guess, I don't know the exact reason. because only view people come or what.

Talking back about the menu, i think this might be a good options for vegetarian because they have some vegetarian options which i think really nice about this restaurant.

Thank you guys for reading my blog, stay warm and have a good day :)

Ballet Restaurant
914 E Pike St
Seattle, WA 98122

(206) 328-7983

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