Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Grill on Brodway

Before I review what I ate, I will let you to take a look of the picture and guess what is this...

I found this lovely dish at The Grill on Broadway or I just simply call it Broadway Grill. If you familiar with Broadway area, this restaurant located close to Urban Outfitters. Never been before, the restaurant look small from the outside but when I had the dish above, it actually pretty spacious. Passing by this often pretty often, moreover when I still took bus to school. During nice weather, they actually open their inner window (I don't know how to explain this well *sigh*). Basically when they drag up their window or door, become open space and you'd be able to enjoy the nice weather. Depending upon the weather, you will also be able to enjoy the sunshine by having table in their patio seating outside.

Since I didn't order anything beside this (yes, we went here purposely after dinner. so i think it's enough. WAIT or I ordered calamari? nvm). SOOOO, the picture above is actually Fresh Soft Baked Cookie with Vanilla Ice Cream on Heaven :P It took a while to get this because I think they made it right after you order it. I ordered the old fashioned cookie with dark chocolate chips, they actually have White Chocolate Macadamia but we thought it would be too sweet.

Overall, I had a good time here and their menu pretty interesting, I think I might come back for their Happy Hour tho :P

Last but not least, if anyone of you interested in trying this restaurant and not sure. Just buy their coupons, you will save 60% and I think when you don't like the restaurant it won't hurt :) Click here to buy the gift certificate: $10 value for $5 and $25 value for $10.

The Grill on Broadway
314 Broadway E
Seattle, WA 98102

(206) 328 7000

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