Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Marination Station

I have to say that I'm so outdated. I just knew that marination open their station, whereas i think they've opened the station for about a month ago. Anyway, let me introduce you with Marination. I actually not quite sure if i should name this restaurant as marination mobile because its a food truck and marination station because they have permanent place.

So, I've been to marination mobile and yes, they move everyday. If you are interested you can simply come to their station at Capitol Hill just above QFC and Chase Bank. Marination mobile itself are voted as America's Best Food truck. They served Korean Hawaiian food. Imagine spicy pork or kalbi on taco OR kimchi quesadilla. Sounds more like Mexican food for me but anyway. Interested? If you do, come by to Marination Station or simply find their truck.

Errr, I tried to take picture of their menu but it seems to small. So, pardon me :p Well, let me know if you want the bigger size or just simply go to their website :)

the menu

I like they way they have their menu. It's very simple and very direct with pictures next to it :) I've tried the taco long time ago and the sliders and YES it is very tasty.

I won't describe their food truck so let me try to describe their station. It's a small station but very clean and very bright. If you open their website and see there is a girl name Kamala, you might meet her in the station as well. They have high table surrounding and some table outside while you enjoy sunshine outside. It's just a very casual place with hearty foods.

Kimchi Fried Rice with Egg (duh?)

Talking about their Kimchi Fried Rice, it taste pretty good, if you need more protein, you can simply ask them to add meats or tofu. This time when i had the Kimchi Fried Rice, it was a lil bit hard but I think because they open earlier than they should open. Haha, it describes how people so impatient to have their food, right? :p

Definitely going back :) and for those who interested to try, please try their taco. I'm not a big fans of taco but their tacos are lovely!

Marination Mobile Location:

Marination Station

1412 Harvard Ave
Seattle, WA 98122

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