Monday, June 27, 2011

Rancho Bravo

Heylow! It's been a while since I update my poor blog :S apologize apologize! Now I have a time, let me share my comida Mexicana fever! Chipotle, sounds familiar? Well, I won't make about them eventho I can eat Chipotle 2-3 times a week. Might not be the most authentic but I love the freshness and the convenience :)

So yesterday, HAPPY PRIDE DAY! I went to Broadway area to have sandwich (I will write next) and TACO! It was really pretty and I always like Broadway area. Restaurants all over and all are walking distance. Anyway, focusing on the restaurant, Rancho Bravo. It's located really close with Molly Moon and just next to Cal Anderson Park. I think it used to be KFC but they change into this lovely Mexican Restaurant.

When you get in to the restaurant, you will see simply fast food typical design (I think they don't change the interior design - which is totally fine). It was packed and takes a while to get your food. They will have Mexican soda on the bucket full of ice and couple type of chili that you can take by yourself.

Since I was kinda full, I only tried their Crispy Taco with Beef Tongue

Mannnn, it's crispy, it's fresh and the beef tongue is really tender and juicy. Mixed with the fresh squish lime juice with a hint of their chili, I'm coming back! Definitely going back to try more items. What I found a little bit confusing is their menu, sooo many things. Its hard to decide but i bet it will taste good.

Enjoy your taco on their outside seat with a bottle of soda, what a good life :D

Rancho Bravo
1001 E Pine St
Seattle, WA 98122

(206) 322-9399

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