Wednesday, June 29, 2011


MUSASHI! SASHIMI! SUSHI! OISHI! :D Hahaha, I have to claim this place as one of my favorite Japanese Restaurant. Especially their Chirasi Bowl, worth every penny. I do not suggest big group to come because the restaurant is relative small, so save this place for next time. Group 2 - 4 will be perfect, I think.

I also think that they are under new management, because the servant used to be Japanese but now is Korean. I found out this restaurant a little bit inconsistent lately, quality still good but the way they cut their fish is relatively different. It might not a big deal but for me it actually "change" the flavor or the yummy-ness :P

My loves:

Harusame Salad (If I'm not mistaken)

Cold, creamy but light, refreshing, good for starter :D

Chirasi Bowl

Regularly it comes out with Ebi but we always change the Ebi with Unagi because the Unagi is just lovely and warm. If you don't eat rice that much, just tell them to decreased the rice. I never able to finish their rice because it's just so much. I suggest you not to come too early because sometimes the fish is too cold.

Chirasi Sashimi

Sometimes if I feel like eating sashimi, I will just ask for their chirasi without rice. Personally I like the chirasi bowl, because the rice itself it's a really good complement for the sashimi. The rice is warm and has perfect tangy flavor. Everything is fresh and warm unagi. Don't forget to ask for their spicy sauce, it's not spicy (for me). Their spicy sauce seems like mixture between mayo, fish roe and sirachai? I don't know exactly but loving it :)

The other stuff that I've tried:
Beef Sukiyaki: it confused me because I thought it's sukiyaki, sukiyaki but it actually beef yakiniku. Not a big fans, only tried once and Central Market beef bowl is FTW.
Skewer: they have assorted skewer like, zuchini, chicken, beef, green onion, mushroom, etc. I have to say it's pretty good, nice twist if you don't feel like having sashimi.
Onigiri: they have couple type but I like the one with salmon inside :) It's nice and I like it with my skewer.
Miso Soup: just ordinary

Definitely coming back and going to miss this place so bad when I go back for good.

1400 N 45th St
Seattle, WA 98103

(206) 633-0212

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