Monday, June 27, 2011

The Other Coast Cafe

Sorry to say but for subway and quiznoss, I have to wave good bye this time. Not a sandwich type eater but I need to go back to The Other Coast Cafe this time. The Other Coast Cafe (TOCC) have two store that located one in Ballard area and one in Capitol Hill, next to Rosebud restaurant if you guys have been there and 2 doors away from Ayuthaya (Thailand Restaurant). The place itself it's clean and okay, I got nothing to complain about it.

Food are freshly made for you so be patient, it doesn't take too long cause i think it worth the wait :P So for my second time, I still get their ultimate sandwich, Rajun Cajun

Rajun Cajun

The perfect combination of Cajun-style turkey, Pepper Jack cheese, tomato, and onion with spicy salsa mayo. It's not spicy but the bread is so crispy, crispy not tough. Melting cheese and juicy. I feel the one the Ballard is slightly saltier than the one in Cap Hill. You might find this sandwich is a bit pricey since for the Rajun Cajun it's $9 for the 6". I never tried their other sandwich but I don't think I will intentionally order something else because I'm satisfied with this one :P

Good news about this place (especially from Cap Hill). They do delivery around the area with a minimum charge $15. Try their sandwich and just walk by to Yogurtland for dessert :P Sounds like a good plan?

Ballard Location:
5315 Ballard Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107

Phone: (206) 789-0936

Capitol Hill Location:

721 E. Pike Street
Seattle WA 98122

Phone: (206) 257-5927

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