Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chantanee Thai Restaurant

It's funny how different people have totally different taste bud. I personally not a sweet person, as in, I don't like eating savory food that have sweet after taste beside sweet and sour. I have to say that Chantanee might not be my favorite place to eat, but once again I just would like to remind readers that not everybody has same taste bud with me. My friends love this place and they don't like places that I like. Thehehehe...

Anyway, atmosphere wise this is a nice place for hang out and chill. Food taste kinda complex and sweet for me. If you are hot-a-hollic, five stars might taste nothing for you. At least I can't taste any spiciness for myself.

Crispy Garlic Chix

Pad See Ew

I believe they cook it with a very high heat fire which make this taste good :p

Heavenly Beef

It's kinda weird because i feel like this food more into Korean style. When I ate it, it actually feel fresh kinda floral-ly.

Tilapia - forgot the exact name

Liking the Chili :)

Duck Curry

Lyche! You will definitely find lychee in this curry, not too coconut milk-y. Expect chunk of ducks :)

I personally might not going back, just because it's kinda sweet for me and it's in Bellevue. But once again, I will let readers judge because I might be wrong :) Oooopps. Almost forgotten, they have vegetarian menu so do not worry for asking your vegetarian friend here. They might have vegetarian menu, right? :D

Chantanee Thai Restaurant
601 108th Ave NE
Ste 100A

Bellevue, WA 98004
(425) 455-3226

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