Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hana Restaurant

Good morning! Today I would like to make a review of one of my favorite Japanese Restaurant, Hana. Located in Broadway and really close with Rite Aid. Hana is a small nice Japanese Restaurant with all posters on the wall. While you were waiting for the food, it will be fun just to look around because sometimes the posters will be useful.

So, this actually what I just found out through the posters. FareStart organization will have Guest Cheft on the Waterfront on July 13. For further information, just simply click the picture below :)

Back to the restaurant. I've been here so many times and I still love their Katsu Curry Don. If you don't eat rice that much, I suggest you to tell the waiters to reduce the rice. I barely eat half of the rice because they give the rice so generously. They might cut the katsu too thin lately but still my favorite. The curry sauces is not over power, not type of super curry and salty but just good balance between the curry, chicken and rice.

Katsu Curry Don

I noticed, when I posted this Lunchbox special, some of my friends asked about this. Hana has their daily lunchbox, they served until 3 pm and they change their menu everyday. You will still get all the salad, roll and the inari. Almost forgotten, this lunchbox also comes with miso soup.

Lunchbox Special - Chicken Teriyaki

When we came, they have Chicken Teriyaki for the lunch special. You will get this huge + super fulfilling lunchbox for only $8.95 (I think). The Chicken Teriyaki itself tastes good as well, sweet and tender. The imitation crab salad, tamago, and their tofu is my fave as well. I think their tofu is soaked with some kind of sauces so it doesn't taste like regular tofu (but still it's tofu :P)

I don't suggest you to have their sushi, not because it's not fresh. It's just because you can get better sushi somewhere else. Their tempura udon also taste kinda blend, for me. You may try their Sukiyaki, it's not the best but I like it just for the sake of the convenient. The Salmon and katsudon also tasty. I might over rate this place just because this place is part of my memory but still, i would like you guys to try and see what you think :) Treat yourself after finals! Good luck :)

Hana Restaurant
219 Broadway E
Seattle, WA 98102

(206) 328-1187

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