Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Teriyaki Time

Every students have their own stories. Teriyaki place actually reminds me of my community college. I used to go to North Seattle Community College (NSCC) and it seems the most convenient place after their cafetaria is Teriyaki Plus. However, I won't be talking about TP because I haven't their food for a while.

I went to Teriyaki Time at Greenwood area and my friend told me that when he went to Shoreline Community College (SCC). Students from there will often have their lunch at Teriyaki Time. So, since I don't know what to eat, I give a shot for this place.

Overall, I have to say this place is pretty clean, menu is easy because they have pictures and the lady at the cashier is friendly. Portion is also very generous :)

Beef Yakiniku with Chix Katsu - substitute rice with salad

Generous, generous, generous. Salad is good, beef teriyaki taste pretty good too. Not too sweet or salty and medium thick cut, so you can actually taste the beef. Chicken Katsu also good, the coating has flavor and good thing they don't cut it too thin.


I forgot what is this but from the size of noodle this one supposed to call as Ramen. Unfortunately it's pretty blend, on the good side, they put lots of veggies. Might skip this one for another thing.

While I was there, I saw there was grandma having their yakisoba, mannn. Looking good and they served on hot plate, generous portion. Might be the right place for the hungry man. :D

Teriyaki Time
14415 Greenwood Avenue N
Seattle, WA 98133

(206) 306-7227

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