Saturday, March 5, 2011

Krua Thai

Happy Friday guys! or wait, it's past 12 o'clock so I should have just said "Happy Weekend" guys! :) Today, me and my friend went to Krua Thai restaurant. It's family style Thailand restaurant. I've been thinking of coming by since last year? The restaurant actually look pretty big, but not until we came in. Good size restaurant with 5/5 service. Thank you so much for the pleasant service and all the attention :) SO, based on my friend recommendation, I tried the crispy pork and spicy basil. The other two suggestion are the prikpao and panang curry. I'm pretty clueless but try to ask for their "thai menu", this is what my friend told me to do as well. Maybe the thai menu, list the food completely rather than on the board (yah, I guess so).

I didn't even read the menu and just ordered based on my suggestion. The guy said that prikpao is a little sweet, so for those who like sweat. Why not try it? :P

Crispy Pork

Tralalala, have you guys been to Thai One On and have their Crispy Pork Over rice? It's actually similar BUT different with the one at thai one on. A little bit salty, but once again thanks for asking if i want it to be replaced with the new one :) I love basil, and it blends well. I got some pork that chewy and some pork that lil bit tough but I guess that's just how it's gonna be?


I know it sounds silly, but I took this picture just want to show you guys how generous they are with the rice.
Spicy Basil with Chicken

I ordered 5/5 spiciness and i couldn't taste any spiciness -_-" They chief should have known how good Indonesian face spicy food :P I can tell this one is just STD (standard) taste that you can find in other place. Not too salty, I like this one better than the other one and also with the fresh mushroom, it blends well :)

Cleanliness : good; service : excellent; taste : standard; parking : easy; portion : GENEROUS.

*intermezo: As I mentioned in the previous blog, I have no clue why facebook changed their look, but I finally found a way to get the code because i don't want to download the food pictures into my computer. So hope you guys like the size that I usually use or feel free to let me know which one you like better :) Hope you guys found this blog is useful :)

Kruai Thai
2515 NE 55th St
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 985-4398

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