Thursday, March 10, 2011

Zoe Yogurt

Who loves Frozen Yogurt? ME! ME! ME! Haha, I know it's silly but when Red Mango just first open, I can get the froyo like 3 times/week. As a fast learner, I also learn how to increased my tummy capacity. When I first had the froyo, I share the regular size then small for myself then I can get regular size for myself and just the next day ~ foila. Large for myself, off course with 3 toppings!

BTW I believe most of you familiar with Yogurtland, moreover people who live in CA. No worry Seattlite Yogurtland will be soon opening in Broadway, just next to Seattle Central Community College. Geez, why I'm writing about another fro-yo place when I supposed to review on ZOE YOGURT!

ZOE Yogurt, they just open in Green Lake Area, I post some pictures below:

12 flavors for you to choose

If you see on the right part, there's like small cup it's for sampling cup. There are sorbet as well

The toppings

If you like banana, and you can't find it. Do not worry because you just have to simply ask them. They just don't put the banana on the tray because as we know banana gets brown easily. On the right corner, they have hot fudge, hot marshmallow, caramel, honey and other sauces. Good job, Zoe

Tara!! 12 flavors with plenty of toppings

Haha, it's $.42/oz and I have no clue why I ended having 11.2 oz -_____-" I think I get the toppings more than the fro-yo. Hehe, toppings pretty fresh I have to say. Mango a little bit mushy, mochi pretty good, lil different from Red Mango. Overall, it's pretty good, they have pretty strong flavor but a little too sweet comparing Yogurtland. I might be wrong because it's been 3 months since I had Yogurtland.

Based on my tastebud, their acai is pretty sour. I won't tell you what to have, just try it :P My favorite toppings formula : graham crackers, raspberry, mochi, chocolate chip. NYUM or Mango, almond and kiwi. Oh well, just get it all! Have fun with your experiment :P

Zoe Yogurt
Circa Greenlake building
6900 E Green Lake Way N

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