Friday, March 11, 2011

Spud Fish & Chips

Spud fish & chips, winner of 2010 Best Restaurant Awards, Historic Seattle Seafood Restaurant from Seattle Magazine. Small place at the corner, really close with ZoeYogurt and I love Hot Yoga in Green Lake area. I didn't plan to come but I was hungry (even after had the fro-yo), so I decided to try this restaurant. Very direct, once you get in, you will see the cashier and the fryer (as seen on the picture below).

A very blue place, blue apron :P, blue sign, blue table and chair but I hope you guys don't feel blue as well.
My one piece fish + tartar

It taste so-so (for me). Luckily the fish is pretty fresh, but I feel like eating flour more than the fish. The fish cut pretty thinly, they deep fried brand new, crunchy and perfect golden brown, not salty (like it) and they charged another $.25-$.50 for sauces. It cost me $5 for a piece of fish and the tartar. To be honest, I won't come back but if you like fish and chips, might just try it :) Different people have different taste bud, agree?

Spud Fish & Chips
6860 E Green Lake Way N
Seattle, WA 98115

(206) 524-0565

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