Friday, March 4, 2011

The Pink Door

yuhuu, have you guys heard about The Pink Door? I just finally got there yesterday with my friends. It's a nice unique place with a literally pink door and their website also really pink! We actually were looking somewhere for happy hour and since Crush was closed and me and another friend hadn't been there before. All I can say, "it's just not the right place if you looking for variety". I think they only have like.... 5 or 6 options? and it's included with the drink list (ex: wine). Wait, I'm a little bit confused now, because I just look at their menu on the website but I can't see that they serve half price. The menu that we had in the restaurant has the half price menu. I have no clue -_-"

sautéed calamari
spinach, tomatoes, garlic & wine

This is the only thing that we ordered from the Happy Hour part, haha. It's really tender eventho not my all fave.

paccheri con sugo di noci & salsicce
five kinds of nuts, fennel sausage & a bit of smoked mozzarella

To be honest, I like their pasta, it's "flairly flairly" how i should describe this? *sigh* It's thin, "flair-ly" and al-dente. Sauce tasted OK and we actually pretty surprised with the size, because we ordered the full size and it only feel like half size the mushroom fettuccine

paglia e fieno
“straw and hay”white & green fresh fettuccine w/ exotic mushrooms, light cream sauce, fresh herbs & essence of truffle

Creamy fettuccine with local grown exotic mushroom and truffle oil. Pretty good :) BTW, we had funny experience, not funny but i felt sorry with my waiters. When he brought out the food, i was talking to my friend and when he said "hi" we didn't reply him. So, he hi us for the 3rd time and finally when we hi back to him. He replied "I thought you guys don't like me". Poor guy~

Bongo Bongo

It's puff with vanilla ice cream filling and lovely hot fudge on top. I might give 2/5. The only thing that i like from this dessert is only the chocolate so can't give any higher than 2.

Overall experience "good", located in post alley. If you walked around in pike place market, might be a good place to drop by. Service is fast, knowledgeable, when i asked for fresh black pepper and cheese, she suggested me only to put on the red sauce paste. She doesn't want me to ruin the flavor between truffle oil and cheese. :P

I actually took picture of the bread, not because it looks fancy but i like the olive oil and btw they charged you 50 cent for extra balsamic vinegar. No worry because they give you generously! :P I might go back again just because my friend told me to try the lasagna :P Parking might not be really convenient or i think we can ask for validation but i just don't know where, yet.

*Sorry for the weird size pictures, facebook changed their layout or system or whatsoever and I have to download it so i can get the pictures. HAIZ, and if my review sounds weird. Pardon me please

The Pink Door
1919 Post Alley
between Stuart & Virginia

(between Stewart St & Virginia St)
Seattle, WA 98101

(206) 443-3241

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