Friday, December 3, 2010

Henry's Bento

Another to go. Hehe, but this time it's way way way better and much much healthier (I guess). My stomach feel so uneasy after eating that greasy fish meal :( Anyway, I will be reviewing about Henry's Bento. Honestly I've never been to the store, I just passed by. As I remember Henry's Bento is really close with Fu Lin (another noodle house)

Chicken Steak(?)

Argh, pardon me. I forgot the name :( I know, blame on me. Huff. Anyway, for approx $10 (included everything or supposed to be less). You actually get big amount of everything, it comes with chinese brocoli, chicken steak, egg, chinese picle and the healthiest part is the purple rice. For their serving size, I have to eat this 3 times. The purple rice is really fill me up, chicken is not to salty as well. Oh almost forgotten, on the top right there's actually sour spicy cabbage. I can say this is a good combination, chewy rice, crispy and "dry" chicken, crunchy pickle and veggie and kinda "wet". You know when you eat something that is totally dry, it's sluggish on your throat (dislike). Btw, I sure will go to Henry's Bento by myself to try their other stuff. It seems like their beef noodle soup is everyone's favorite. Well, let you decide guys :D

*this restaurant is dedicated to my friend, Henry. JK

Henry's Bento (Henry's Taiwan)
520 S King St
Seattle, WA 98104

(206) 624-2611

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