Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thanh Son Tofu

Apologize for not updating viva-food for a while. I'm done with final and these actually what I had for lunch on my last final day. Thanh Son Tofu, pretty close with Seattle University. Still walking distance even though 10-15 minutes :P It was my first time being there. I thought it's a restaurant in fact it's a groceries "soya" store. I don't know how to describe the place, it looks pretty old and a lil bit unusual for me but they do serve good fresh tofu dish. I didn't had a chance to buy the drink like the picture below.

The drink

I didn't know what they call but when I saw the long green thingy and the coconut milk, cendol appears in my mind.

The Foods

Sorry for the bad angle pictures, I didn't know if they allowed me to take picture so I kinda being paparazzi (took picture quietly :p). I felt uneasy in the first time because I didn't know what to do, there were no boxes, only roll of plastic. You know when you went to supermarket in the vegetables or fruits section, they provided you with those kind of plastic. Well in Thanh Son Tofu, they used plastic with thicker and better quality :P I thought it was weird until the person told me that you bought the stuff by weight. Overall the tofu cost about $2ish/lbs. The tofu block, it cost you only $.75 each!

My Foods :P

Don't be scared, I didn't finish everything right away, only the last picture. :P I tried everything, it tasted good, will do come back again. The wide rice noodle looks like zhu chang fen (cingcongfan) for me, unless the odd shape. :P What's inside? Mushroom, meat and there's something that I don't know the name but it's crunchy :) My fave is the bubbly tofu (3rd pic, the middle one). Don't judge the restaurant by the look but try it :P You actually can find their product in Asian supermarket :D Btw, when you try, PLEASE PREPARE CASH or CHECK. They don't accept any type of card.

My personal experience:
I didn't bring any cash and I left my check, but thanks to the lady for trusting me so much. I had picked up everything and at last I just knew that they didn't accept cards, I checked my car but couldn't find any cash -_-" I came in and she told me to pay when I came back again. I was so flattered yet embarrassed. Well, I went to the closest gas station to withdraw money to pay, she just laughing. Thanks lady :)

Thanh Son Tofu
118 12th AVE
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 320-1316

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