Sunday, December 12, 2010

Joko's Kitchen

Have you guys been to Julia's Kitchen before? FYI, they just change the ownership since July 2010. So I think they now change into Joko's kitchen, still pretty new so they still use Julia's website and try to finish the business card. Food? Much much improved! The last time when I went there was 3 years ago. Didn't leave me with any good impression, inconsistent taste, greasy and took forever. So this time with the new management I tried my luck.

The place was actually nice, really homey and "Indonesian" feeling. When I went there, it was rainy and no one there. I had to wait for a while until the owner's son appeared with his batik. Sorry to say, he doesn't look really friendly and no smile. Well at least until mr. Joko came out and introduce himself I wasn't really enjoyed being there.
Ayam Betutu

I had the Ayam Betutu because he suggested me so. Taste pretty good, lil bit chewy on the surface but tender inside. I just wish I didn't hear the microwave voice (beep beep beep)

Corn Fritter

After I ordered the Ayam Betutu, I was thinking to try the corn fritter. Hoping for a better one, well it does. Not as greasy as before. The upsetting part was the service, it took me a while to get served with the unfriendly guy, it took me a while to find somebody so I could order the corn fritter and limited parking spot.

FYI, food doesn't come with rice, it's $2 extra. Lil bit dry but it sure can be improved. It cost me 24$ (everything +tips), lil bit pricey I guess. Tolerable since the sizing pretty big :p

Well, since it's under new ownership, go have a try! :D

Joko's Kitchen
910 NE 65th St
Seattle, WA 98115

(206) 522-5528

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