Monday, December 13, 2010

Santorini Pizza & Pasta

Hello from City of Angels :) I'm currently on vacation, hunting another good foods. I kinda unsure whether I should post it or no, but will see later :P

Craving for Italian food? Try Santorini, it's a really nice place with a really westernize ambience. I think I was the only Asian at that time. LOL. Honestly, I didn't know that their specialized on Pizza so I just ordered whatever on "menu of the day".

Homemade Garlic Bread and Salad

They do have delicious garlic bread, taste really homy. Not too greasy like other typical garlic bread from other restaurants. Salad was fresh as well *two thumbs UP*

Pasta and Chicken

Al dente :) Pasta cooked perfectly, chicken creamy but not over powering. Downside? I wish they didn't add salt on the vegetables because it taste a little too salty. Overall, I love it!

I'm sure going back because when I walked out from the restaurant I saw there were two grandma sharing lasagna and it looked really good *droll*. Tell me how do you like this place later, okay :)

Santorini Pizza & Pasta
11001 35th Avenue Northeast
Seattle, WA 98125-6809

(206) 440-8499

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