Wednesday, December 15, 2010

John Howie Steak

Back in Seattle, like what I've mentioned in my facebook. This time I would like to write a review on John Howie Steak. Been there twice with totally different experience. Overall, they have a nice place with good view (especially at night). The restaurant look small from the outside but actually pretty spacious. High sealing and some waitress wearing white lab coat looking. I can say the food is pretty good, despite talking my first and second experience which is so different. BTW, I won't explain too much but I will show it more like an album :P

#1 experience
We made an appointment and we actually could sit right after we arrived. Good foods, steak cooked better than my 2nd experience. Sides were good, liking the escargot, calamary tasted so-so, chowder and onion soup was just so-so. Btw, because of trying the spicy lobster bisque in Seafood Waterfront Grill, I kinda become a bisque-hunter and still SWG is the winner. I have to say that the one that I really like from John Howie is their Arugula Salad. BEST ever, really light and fresh. For our dessert, we had the sorbet and banana foster. Sorbet was okay, it's cute and the sorbet has funny container. It's like crispy caramelized sugar which stick on your teeth. Banana foster: SIMPLY SINFUL! We had a chance to see them prepared for us and I couldn't stand with the ingredients.

3 Types of Salts with Different Usage
Amuse Bouche
Bacon Tempura
Seafood Chowder
French Onion Soup
Arugula Salad
Sides (Spinach and Baked Potato)
Lobster Potatoes
The Show - 40oz Porterhouse
Trio of Olympic Mountain Sorbet
The Sinful Banana Foster

#2 Experience
We've made reservation and we had to wait for almost an hour * disappointed*. Picture under this was what they served, probably to "entertain" us. I think it's a tomato soup, it's quite nice tho. Nothing special for the #2 experience.


Sides (Fries and Sauted Spinach)

What I wish from John Howie is their consistency, well not only for John Howie but I believe you guys have experienced when you first come to a place that impressed you, you're hoping to have the same or better experience but with their inconsistency, food might taste terrible, service might be really bad as well. I guess just use your luck :P

Almost forgotten to mention in the beginning, this place might be okay for special dinner with your special one :)

John Howie Steak - Located in the Bravern, Microsoft Building
11111 NE 8th St
Ste 125

Bellevue, WA 98004
(425) 440-0880

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