Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cafe Nola

First of all, I would like to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING for everyone :) It's been such a bless for me to have the opportunity to try foods around Seattle; thanks for all the people that has asked me to go and comment about this blog as well. This Thanksgiving weekend beside a bless also has been a bloody sinful weekend. However once again Thank You :P Hope you guys have a great thanks giving activity too :)

It's been a while since my last hunting, so today I finally have a chance to try a new restaurant, Cafe Nola. Well, it's a short weekend getaway in Bainbridge Island. Haha, it might be sound so wrong that I have to cross the "island" only for brunch but I guess it's all worth it :) Food isn't expensive eventho you have extra cost from the ferry tickets. It cost us roughly 35$ for 4 adults and vehicle. Well I guess you don't have to bother driving your car to Bainbridge Island because everything there is in walking distance and they have small city center. It's only 0.3 miles (if i'm not mistaken from the pier to the cafe). Going to Bainbridge Island is also not bad at all because it only takes about 30 minutes to go there and you get a totally different feel compare to Seattle. (Real sweet getaway :D)

The cafe will be on your left corner and it's not hard to find the cafe (luckily). They have no big space but comfy and good ambiance. The people are friendly, and I overall liking this place. As you know I like place with good level of bright, so today the weather just perfect. Since they have plenty window so we also have a chance to enjoy the sunshine, well they do not have the perfect view but good friends adds everything up :)

Btw, they have different menu based on the time, since we go there around 11.30 we still get the Brunch Menu and these all what we order.

Potato Slatke

I just try to find this food description through their website but I guess I just have to remember what is this. As you can see, you have toast (that I don't have a chance to eat because they take my plate while I'm in the toilet. Don't blame them, I don't tell anybody that I haven't finished :P) Fresh fruits, they don't peel the skin, I don't know why. The Potato Slatke, starting from the bottom, the potato dish which is good, a little bit to thin; Canadian bacon, my potato slatke might be the most salty comparing to others but surprisingly it's still tolerable :D; cheese I don't know what's the name but it's chewy which is adding more texture on the dish; sunny side up? Geez, I feel like my cholesterol level rising up right after I eat the yolk. FYI, you get this dish for $14 :)

Caramel Pecan French Toast

Caramel? Toast? and Bacon? Haha, my friend actually comment about this through facebook, 8/10 for this! I'm not a big fans of caramel, but this actually good. When first they serve the food, I can smell the toasted pecan and caramel :D The caramel is not too strong and too sweet, just perfect blend with the bacon. Well, it's not a regular bacon, a little thicker but still crunchy and as you can see from the picture that you actually eat bacon not a chunk of fat that we always find in supermarket. Btw the french toast also fluffy not too moist not too dry and FYI, this Caramel Pecan French Toast actually shown in Food Network. :D (Price: $14? I'm sorry I forgot)

Traditional Egg Benedict

There are three types of Egg Benedict that they serves: traditional, florentine, and dungeness crab. What's the different? The source of the protein. Traditional is the one that you can see from the picture :p Canadian Bacon. Florentine is more for vegetarian, I guess because they don't have meat but tomato and something (haiyoh, I should remember things better :s). Dungeness Crab? Yes! protein from crab. 6.5/10 for this, I still like Portage Bay at U-district better. ($14 or $16. hehe)

Panzanella Scramble

I know, I know, the picture kinda dark. I'm sorry! This is just the disadvantage of too much sunshine :( and might just my photography skill. Hxhx. Oh well, talking about the food, not sure what's inside because once again I can't find it through their website (BOOOO!) Hehehe, what I remember they have potato, tomato, supposed to have urugula but we ask them to take out from the food. You can say that scramble egg is just a scramble egg but surprisingly the way they cook the egg is different. It's a little bit thinner, not too chunky so it's much lighter flavor and you can feel a lil bit "fried" taste.

I might go back to this place for the sake of "gateway" from Seattle, price is roughly $10-$14 which I think really reasonable, big portion, nice place, friendly people :) I recommend to try the Potato Slatke for potato lover and the Caramel Pecan French Toast. Well overall it's a grade B place that you always can go. and Now it's your turn to try ^^

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