Friday, November 19, 2010

SRW #3 - Rover's

Sorry, for writing so much. I'm trying to catch up with all the SRW restaurants so I can start trying new restaurants and write the review :P

I can say Rover's is one of the best restaurant ever :) Great foods and impressive service (except the wait or i might just to hungry at that time). Location was kinda weird, luckily we found a good parking spot. I might say those were the only weaknesses, parking spot and lil bit hard to find. Rover's located inside small area where there another local store, I don't know how to describe but it's lil bit unique. Small place, look more like a house for me and pretty packed. It might because of SRW because it's pretty crowded and reservation required.

Goes into the food. :( I didn't order the right thing :( Mine just good but not exceptional. :) this happy face is for my friend who also order the wine pairing. It seems they enjoyed it a lot. Haha, every single food has different wine pairing which makes this special. Other special thing is when the chef in the hat walk out from his kitchen and checking our food :) Rover's or more like Chef In the Hat has two restaurants which is Rover's and Luc. It's still in Madison area. Looking from the address, it seems not to far, only a couple houses (I guess). Other thing that I expect is the chef will be wearing a hat as well? Let's check it out next time :)

Frisée Greens with Smoked Bacon, Toasted Baguette, Roasted Garlic and Red Wine Vinegar

Fall Squash Soup with Roasted Butternut Squash, Sage and Walnut Oil

I order this because I was so hungry and... It blends perfectly, sweetness from the squash and creaminess + aroma of the walnut oil :)

Smoked King Salmon with Shaved Fennel, Herbed Fromage Blanc and Peppered Lavosh

Pacific Cod with Lobster Mushroom, Braised Rainbow Chard and Herbs

It's just okay and i wish ordered the guinea fowl :P

Roasted Guinea Fowl with Fingerling Potato, Turnip and Thyme Sauce

rrrr... I just browse about guinea fowl, I know it's a type of bird but I don't know it was that cute -_-" now i feel guilty. Haiz. Anyway, the guinea fowl taste like chicken but more tender texture. LOVE IT (sorry, bird)

Praline-Dark Chocolate Gateau with Hazelnut Crunch

1 word, RICH.

Espresso Crème Brûlée with Vanilla Sable Cookie

Liking it, but i can't really taste the espresso or i might just forgot the taste (my bad :D)

Green Apple Tartlet with Caramel Sauce

Not a big fans of caramel, not too sweet, like the cream (who doesn't?) Lovely dessert :)

Ops, I almost forgot to mention about why I said the service is impressive. We had a really friendly servant and full of information. He will explained everything on what he just put in front of you. Impressive, I don't even remember what he said, it seems like he carried the name of the food in his blood (read-passionate)

2808 E Madison St
(between E 28th Ave & Martin Luther King Jr Way)
Seattle, WA 98112
(206) 325-7442

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