Monday, November 1, 2010

Le Panier

Last Friday when I just done with my work, Seattle was on their good mood. Sun was out, so I went to Le Panier and had their Chocolatine and my friend got the Pain Au Chocolat (chocolate croissant). I didn't have a change to take pic of the Pain Au Chocolat because he just grabbed and ate it right away.

The Chocolatine
(Chocolate with Almond Cream)

The reason why I choose the Chocolatine is just because I haven't tried it before. Hehe. Chocolatine has exactly same shape with the Pain Au Chocolat, the only different is Chocolatine filled with almond cream + almond on top + sugar powder on top while Pain Au Chocolat is just a regular chocolate croissant. I guess you never go wrong with simplicity cause I like the Pain Au Chocolat better than the Chocolatine. In my opinion, it's way to oily (what do you expect if there's cream inside?), and I can't really taste the almond.

If you live further away from Pike Place Market and craving for chocolate croissant, my suggestion is just try to find the nearest Panera Bread nearby your location and try their Chocolate Croissant instead. I just like their better, eventho it's smaller but you can taste the chocolate better.

Short overview about Panera Bread:
I think it's just a good location for students to study or have a meeting. It's a quiet nice place and they actual provide you with free wi-fi :)

Le Panier - In Pike Place Market
1902 Pike Place, Seattle, Washington 98101
Phone: 206-441-3669

Monday - Saturday: 7:00am to 6:00pm
Sunday: 7:00am to 5:00pm

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