Friday, November 19, 2010

SRW #2 - The Georgian

Good morning guys. As I promise, I will write about the second restaurant which is The Georgian. Located in the Fairmont hotel in downtown. FYI, if you're dining here, just valet your car and don't bother about finding parking spot because the good news is, it can be validated :p

I have to say they have a really nice place. Pretty formal, and I was expected to dress up but thank God i didn't do it too much. I guess it's just because of the era that has changed, jeans just fine here :P In additional it might just because of SRW event :)

Talking about the food. I have to say that this was the most royal place, they gave us "3 course" extra beside the other 3 menu that we ordered. Excuses for the pictures because there were couples that kinda blurry :D Mind me cause I only used my lovely onyx and the restaurant kinda darky. Hehe (should I change my phone or bring camera along with me?) FYI, I only took pictures of what I ate so I would only review on those too.

Crackers and butters

This was the first thing we got and there were 4 different types of butter that they served with the thin crackers. Left to Right: regular fattening butter :p, basil, s s something (i don't remember exactly what it called but my friend told me it's an expensive spicy spice), and balsamic vinegar. Love the basil the most :) Almost forgotten we actually got another 2 types of bread on side.

Smoked salmon + caviar on top

I'm not a big fans of smoked salmon cause it "smoked" or more like soaked the freshness from the sweetness into saltiness. Loving the caviar tho, it melts :9

Ahi Tuna Tar Tar
With Black Sesame Wafer, Frozen Wasabi Mouse

My appetizer :) Likey likey likey, it blends well from the freshness of the fish and the frozen wasabi mouse. The wasabi also wasn't too strong so it was match perfectly

Seared Scallop
with Melted Young Leeks and House Made Bacon Butter

Royal royal royal, all i can say about the Georgian :) big scallop, seared well and surprisingly fulfilling. Hehe, mind my dragon inside my tummy *wink2*

Frozen Raspberry Ginger Cassata

left to right, the raspberry sorbet, they have raspberry sauces in it and when you cut the sorbet, it will flow out. slurp (a little to sweet). well, i'm not a sauces person, maybe thats why. btw on top of it, they have some kind of crumble which is lovely and under that there's like i don't know white thingy. i'm not sure what's under but it blends well. in the middle we got the mini souffle, just so so :p so by ordering this one, i got a chance to try the souffle - the cream :p which other ordered. and the most right. i don't know, basically it's all sugar and more like decoration. The funny story behind this, one of my friend sipped it and the color thingy stain on his lips (blue color!). He looked scary yet funny tho

Last but not least, we got this last dessert. 3 cubes of chewy fruity thingy and dark chocolate. Fruity chewy cubes were chewy and sweaty (duh?) Dark chocolate? my best friend!

Loving this place, good foods, good ambiance, pretty romantic :)

The Georgian at The Fairmont Olympic Hotel, Seattle
411 University Street
Seattle, Washington
United States

Reservations are recommended and can be made by calling The Georgian directly at (206) 621-7889 or online at OpenTable.

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