Saturday, November 20, 2010

SRW #3 - Portage

This time, we went to Portage where is located in Queen Anne area. I can say that this place is really small and no wonder if they require reservation in advanced. Place pretty casual yet romantic, there's a corner when it's just next to the window, seat for 2 people. For me it looks like in the movie (emo emo emo, JK). Place and ambiance is okay but liking the food :)

Braised Pork Belly Mushroom Duxelles Tartine

I have Pork Belly as my appetizer and this is darn good pork belly (FYI, I'm not a big fans of pork). I can't imagine myself chewing the fat but I actually finish everything. They choose just the right amount of fat I guess. not too salty not too oily just perfect for appetizer :D

Peppered Local Albacore New Potato, Green Bean, Crème Frâiche

This one is one of my fave beside the beef tongue. I don't have the picture of the beef tongue but it's really tender and taste almost like beef stew. Talking back about my peppered albacore. It taste almost like beef for me. Seared and peppered perfectly, with all the other "decoration", the veggies and the cream. LOVELY DOVEY :)

Cinnamon Chocolate Crème Caramel

My dessert! Perfect level of sweet :) nice texture. It's just something different. My friend had the pear tart and the sorbet which is just okay.

Talking about the wine pairing, they do have wine pairing but unfortunately it's not as detail (specific) as Rover's. Overall, I'm liking this place :D *good place for anyone of you who wants to have "romantic" casual dinner with your partner :) The weaknesses of this place, petite place, hard to find parking spot (can find lah.. :p), err... they play "unfit" song, hahaha. I'm expecting them to have more like jazzy song but in fact they have Pop. But it's okay. I will let you guys judge ^^

2209 Queen Anne Ave. N. Seattle, WA 98109

For Reservations Please Call or walks-in welcome :)

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