Sunday, November 21, 2010

SRW #6 (Last) - Chez Sea

Finally my last restaurant review during the SRW. For the last opportunity, we went to Chez Sea. Located in Pike Place Market area, which actually just next to Matt's in the Market. Just wonder if you guys have ever tried Crumpet? I will definitely write review about the crumpet shop, well my point for asking the Crumpet Shop is actually because Chez Sea is located in the same building :p

Talking about the food, they actually have served pretty good foods, liking the appetizer and entree so far but for dessert it's just another dessert. I can say that they are being pretty royal because they have oyster as part of their appetizer. Their oyster is actually also way better than Seastar.

Pork Belly

Taste good, gather some fats for winter preparation :p

Yellow Rockfish

Not sure with the name, I try to find on their website but they actually have different menu in the restaurant. B for the fish :) Considering about the healthiness :p

The Duck Confit Duck Leg

Deep fried duck leg? Hohohoho, reminds me of dirty duck (bebek bengil) in Bali or my friend loving this so much because they say that this duck reminds them with Bebek HT in Surabaya.

Bacon Wrapped Veal

Chocolate Mousse

Taste pretty good :) My other friend has Pineaple Basil Sorbet which taste pretty unique :)

Vanilla Bean Creme Brule

The last dessert, it looks pretty small on the picture. Actually it's pretty big and I actually a really dessert typo person, so I actually finish my chocolate mouse and my friend's Creme Brule -__-". Talking about the food, if we compare with restaurants in the same area. I will love to have Chez Sea way better than Matt's in the Market. I just remember that the servant is really helpful. She spontaneously tell us what's on their hand when we kinda "staring" on the food :p

This gonna be my last review for the restaurant that participate on Seattle Restaurant Week. Will definitely go back to couple restaurants like Rover's, Portage, and Seafood Waterfront Grill for their bisque :P. Don't miss the next Seattle Restaurant Week on Spring btw guys :)

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