Saturday, November 20, 2010

SRW #4 - Waterfront Seafood Grill

I guess we really take advantage of SRW, we try to satisfy ourself by tasting all the "fancy" place :P Well, we might or might not try without the SRW. But I guess with SRW, they give us the list of the restaurant so it's actually easier to decide where to go (aha.. I never heard about this restaurant, let's try !)

Well, this time we go to Waterfront Seafood Grill. I guess the name explain everything, their specialty is seafood and yes they are located in Waterfront area :D Pretty romantic if you sit next to the window looking at the water on your left or right and your partner infront of you (I know it sounds cheesy, oh well). B for place and food, thing that I really enjoy is the jazzy piano live music :)

It's something crisp salad

Sorry for having such a weird title for my appetizer picture. Hehe, I totally forgot the name, the only thing I remember is crisp but I can't find the exact name. I try to find through their website and my friend's picture but still no exact name :( Little bit explanation about the salad, it's crisp (yes), bacon on top as you can see and cheese. I forget their dressing but I believe it's oil something because it's kinda oily (duh?) Comparing to other appetizer, the spicy crab bisque is the winner :) Luckily is on their regular menu, so please do try it :D

Grilled icelandic charapples, horseradish, rosemary

I have fish for my entrée, it looks like salmon but it's not. I might not realize if I don't know what I'm ordering in the first place because it's almost like salmon. They have similar but not the same texture, It's softer than salmon. Under the fish, there is lentil (me and my friend believe) and on the purple-ish thingy it's onion. Overall, it's just okay

Blackberry Pina Cotta

Never go wrong with Pina Cotta, haha at least that's what my friend tell me. :p Comparing to other desserts, special smores and the washington apple something. I can say simplicity win, go Pina Cotta :)

My overall review, nothing extraordinary about the food but it might be worth to spend more for your special one and enjoy the ambiance :) Almost forgot, they only have valet which cost you $7 (rrr. I forgot, but not more than $10). As usual, I let you decide :) I'm just an ordinary girl with a picky taste bud :p

Waterfront Seafood Grill
2801 Alaskan Way
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 956-9171

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