Sunday, November 21, 2010


I love taking pictures of foods! :D Well, at least I have a good experience just now with Maneki. :p I met up with my friends there because she looks at the picture that I posted in the facebook and decided to go there. Yay!

This was my first time going to Maneki after staying here for about 3 years? (shame on me :P) Well, I've always being told that Maneki has a really good sukiyaki. So last night was just perfect timing, because it was freezing last night (a whole day I supposed to say). It was pretty crowded, so I was glad that my friend made a reservation ahead or I (we) would be starving to dead :P The restaurant looked small from the outside but it actually pretty spacious (stretch out the back).

Agedashi Tofu

I am a big fans of agedashi tofu so everytime I go to Japanese restaurant this tofu dish is a must for me :). Well, I've never tried the one that I'm dying for but this one is just okay.

Steamed Salmon in Foil Pouch

Fish? Steam? I think it should be healthy but the "healthy" word seems vanish because of the mayonnaise on top. Oh well, it's good anyway and surprisingly it wasn't salty :D Eat your salmon with the onion on the bottom and enjoy your great appetizer :)


TADDAAA! This was the spotlight of the night :P Pretty big huh? We actually ordered the Dinner sukiyaki instead of having the a la carte. It's $11 for the dinner but it came with rice, miso soup and tempura. What a good deal! If it was too much, you could have the a la carte Sukiyaki only for $8. I couldn't say that this was the best but it was good :)


Nothing special for me and now, out of sudden I'm craving for Ika at Saburo. -__-"


Nothing special, I like the salad and the dressing tho :) Well, I always love Japanese dressing because it seems much more lighter but actually flavoring.


They served you big chunk chicken karage!

Ika Garlic Bata-Yaki

It was pretty blend for me and I couldn't taste the garlic

Maneki Ice Supreme-Tempura Green Tea Ice Cream Wrapped with Poppyseed Cake

Haha, what a long name! But it actually really good :) I really like the idea of having poppyseed in the batter which kinda add more texture into it. The ice cream taste pretty bold which I like and the color as well.

I might come back again to Maneki to try their sushi this time. Checking if they have fresh sashimi and of course I will write the review about it :)

Almost forgotten, things that I don't really like: the menu, they have a lot of choices but the placement kinda confusing; friendly service but our servant actually forgot to refill our green tea at last. -___-"

304 6th Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98104

(206) 622-2631

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