Sunday, November 21, 2010

Northwest Tofu

Any tofu lovers here? :D I actually find this place because of my school project. I'm searching for tofu supplier and there's a couple tofu place include Northwest Tofu. Located in Jackson Street, at first I thought this is a vegetarian restaurant. Well, looking from the name Tofu, at least that is what on my mind. In fact they actually also served meat. Eventho I'm not a tofu freak, but , I have to admit that their tofu is really fresh and I like it a lot. Things that I like from this place is they make their own tofu on daily-based. So we actually served with fresh home made tofu everyday :) I'm willing to sacrifice meat here only to get the tofu (well, both are source of protein right?)

I come to this place 2 days in a row, the first day I'm served by not old lady, but maybe she is in her 40's? Thank God, He creates body language because I don't speak Cantonese and I think she doesn't speak English. Thanks also for whoever make the menu because there is the Chinese version and the English version or I will just point to whatever on the menu (Point to the picture and the name, yes! that's what I do.)


Pork Spicy Sauce

I don't remember exactly the name, but there's spicy sauce on the menu (I believe). I'm not expecting to have this cause I'm so hungry and need something more soupy. Not the best one but still edible

Plain Soy Milk

Haha, there's actually funny story behind ordering this. I can't find soymilk on the menu, so I just point "a glass of soy milk" picture and tell the lady that I don't want sugar. I'm pretty surprised when she gives me the soymilk, because it's not in a glass but in a bowl. Yes, I can't finish it, it's way too much. Lucky she understands my body language when I asked for a to go bowl :p They soymilk is totally different with SILK brand soymilk, it's much much liquid that you can tell the only ingredients are soy and water.

The Chili

I know it's pretty silly for me to take picture of the chili, but this actually one of my favorite chili :D Beside mixing the chili with fermented salted soy bean (tauco) they actually use coriander (ketumbar) which makes this smell like fried cassava back in my home country. :)


Back again with more people, so I have a chance to try more their foods :)

Salt and Pepper Tofu

Liking it a lot, comparing to all the things that we order. The salt and pepper tofu is exceptional, the freshness of the tofu and the way they fry the tofu. I don't know how to explain this clearly, but the skin is not attach to the tofu, imagine chicken katsu? Not too salty, not too peppery . Crunchy skin. THE BEST :)

Salty Soy Milk

We actually order all types of soy milk this time. Hehe, no sugar, sweet and salty soy milk (new thing that I just find from my second visit). No sugar soy milk is my fave and sweet soy milk is my friend but salty soy milk? Hmm.. Too unique for me. Haha, I think they forget to put salt in it, it's more like plain soy milk + Chinese donut + green onion. Is this a soup? Dessert? I'm lost here, let you guys try...

Brown Sauce Tofu with Pork
(or this one with chicken)

Just a regular Chinese typo stir fried tofu which is so oily.

Tofu Hot Pot

Almost taste the same with the brown sauce but they have dried chili. Barely taste the spiciness.

Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce

Rrr, what do I have to write? It taste good. Haha. Overall, It's a good restaurant but way too oily which cause thirsty-ness afterward or they put too much MSG? I don't know. Ohhh... the place is just a Chinese restaurant typical, beside dine-in, they actually sell tofu in packaging (plain tofu and dessert tofu) so you can cook your own tofu dish or serve tofu dessert at home :)

Northwest Tofu
1911 S Jackson St
Seattle, WA 98144
(206) 328-8320

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