Thursday, November 18, 2010

Seattle Restaurant Week - Matt's in the Market

Yellow, it might be a little bit outdated but I guess it's good to write where it belongs too :D FYI, I forgot my food blog password so I wrote all the review in my regular blog. SO here I am, ready! :)

Brief info, for those who doesn't know yet what is Seattle Restaurant Week. It's an event during Spring or sometimes in October (or Fall supposed I say) where you can get 3 courses lunch for $15 OR 3 courses dinner for $25. In additional, over a hundred restaurant around Seattle is participating this event. All I can say this is just the right time to spend your money in those fancy ($$$$ on yelp) restaurants.

Our 1st restaurant that we went to was Matt's in the market. It wasn't really impressive, the food was a little bit too salty for my taste bud. A little story about the restaurant, my hostma's son is a friend of Matt. Matt has a couple restaurant in Seattle but a couple years a go or not so long ago, Matt sold Matt's in the market so the restaurant is not longer Matt's. Well, it's just a name anyway. I will put some pictures, but this time I will be using my friend's picture cause my phone was died at that time :S Don't expect me to write plenty of words cause I forgot the taste. All I can say, Matt's in the market is just too salty for me but they have pretty romantic place in pike place market area :)

Fresh Oyster

Nothing special, little tiny size, pretty fresh tho :)

Roasted Beets baby arugula, cana de oveja cheese, toasted hazelnut, pedro jimenez vinaigrette

I have to say i like the beets, it's not too sweet but yet crunchy. Perfect blend with the mate cheese and the hazelnut, hmm. roasted well crunchy and smells good :)

Willy green cotija cheese, pepitas, arbequina olives, roasted garlic vinaigrette

Oops, this wasn't my order so I will just shut my mouth :x

Halibut and clams, heirloom tomatoes, castelvetrano olives, citrus-shell stock, herbs

Fish a little bit salty or maybe thats the way how people cook, put more salt so it's crunchy outside? The broth pretty blend tho :p

Grilled flank steak roasted Olsen Farms potatoes, mushroom ragout, sage demi glace

My friend said this was the only thing that's good. :p

Pork shoulder posole, poblano chiles, radish and cilantro

Apple crumble with chantilly creme

Like it :) warm apple crumble with crunchy (healthy-amen) granola ;D

Vanilla ice cream

This was the vanilla ice cream and my other friend got the pear sorbet. The ice cream was just another ice cream (for me) but the pear sorbet was different :) Light, refreshing and not overwhelmed flavor. Just perfect and I've never found any pear sorbet elsewhere so will see the next review ;)

Next, I will be posting the 2nd restaurant, which is GEORGIA. So see yaaaa ^^

Matt's in the market
94 Pike St # 32
Seattle, WA 98101-2066
(206) 467-7909

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