Sunday, November 14, 2010

Triple X Root Beer

Just last weekend, me and my 4 other friends went to XXX Burger or also known with XXX Root Beer. Located in Issaquah, with a huge orange name XXX ROOT BEER board name it's pretty easy to be found. The store is really unique with the old car theme. Car plates were everywhere and actually I found there was a car plate year 58 in the women toilet. Oh, look what I found on their window! "WARNING! Nothing that you eat or drink here is good for you".

Yes, NOTHING is healthy here!

This was our first order.
I don't know what does it call cause we just point to the menu "we want this one". FYI they charged you 2$ for sharing and look what we got :( Well we actually told them to cut it into 5 but we weren't expecting that they would put in the separate plate as well. so, this was FAIL.

XXX Burger TradeMark

Since 1 small piece burger for us seem didn't enough, we ordered another fried chicken (we ordered it because we saw the servant carrying it and thought it would be so nice). Once again, I'm sorry because I don't know exactly what they could but this was really greasy. Remember what you saw on the mirror :p Well, I guess if we don't consume this kind of "healthy" thing too often, it will be just fine :P

Classic Fried Chix

Second burger! yay, finally we actually could see the actual size. It's huge and I love the curly fries underneath :p I don't know the name of the burger, but inside there are patties and burgers and some veggies (tomatoes and onions and lettuces). I might say that I like this one better cause I barely got anything on the first burger :p

Look at the inside!

And these were the drinks

Vanilla Milkshake + Root Beer Float

The Root Beer Float was AMAZING! It's just different from other Root Beer :D Haha, off course the servant told us that their Root Beer is special ordered from Coca Cola with triple x recipe. They made a contract that Coca cola can only distribute the root beer to triple x burger and unfortunately the only triple x store left is the one in Issaquah.

Time for me to review! :) Food was just so-so, nothing special beside the size, not a big fans of milkshake but i have to say that it's really rich! Root beer float? 10/10. The white thing that swirling is actually ice cream, the ice cream is really creamy and rich ! Oh no, what a sinful day XD Might come back again but only for the root beer float :)

Triple X Rootbeer Drive-In
98 NE Gilman Blvd
(between N Front St & N 1st Ave)
Issaquah, WA 98027
(425) 392-1266


Mon-Sun 10:30 am - 8:30 pm

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