Monday, November 22, 2010


These pictures actually has been in my facebook photo album for quite a while. Since I haven't been to any new restaurants so I decided to make a review of it one by one :D

So we went to Grinders, it's sandwich place as you can see through the pictures (duh?). I have no comparison overall because I haven't been to Paseo sandwich (Aaaa, shame on me :'S). They were closed when I went there :( Many of my friend told me that Paseo is really good and Paseo actually listed as a place that you have to try in Seattle


Just like the name, you dip the bread and the meat into the sauce. So messy!


I have to tell that they have huge serving size. I ended up with leftover because this was just way too big. The meatball was homemade and tasty, the French bread really crunchy.

Chicken Pesto (?)

I'm actually not sure what is this, I keep trying to figure this out and Chicken Pesto becomes my best guess. :P GOOD! HUGE!

Bread Pudding with Whiskey and Cream Sauce

Lovely and to die for! It's warm and you can taste the whiskey, has great fluffy texture. This might be a great dessert during snow :P

Talking about the place, it easy access, spacious and good bright level (I don't like dark place :P) The table and chair might not be the most comfort one but it's okay. I would go back for the Bread Pudding because it's just sooooo good :D

19811 Aurora Ave
Shoreline, WA 98133

(206) 542-0627

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