Sunday, November 7, 2010


On Friday, I finally went to Umisake with my friend. It's been a while since I want to try there, but unfortunately they always full. Last time when I came without making any reservation they asked me to wait for about an hour (ridiculous). It seems everyone loves that place and reservation is required. We were lucky on Friday, because we arrived there around 4ish and they actually open at 4. Still with their busyness, the servant was asked me whether i will be done by 6 because our table was reserved. In my opinion, we got pretty uncomfortable table set, it's short and it's more like in living room rather than dining room. It's just weird and I don't know why they don't put us in another table because there's not much people yet at that time.

Talking about the foods, these were couple things that we ordered.

Bad Boys Role

It's a dipped fried role, I'm not so sure about what role it is but it seems they cook with old oil so it taste yucky. It used to be my friend's favorite but when we tried it this time the only thing that i could see on his face was disappointment. LOL

Spicy Tomato Tofu

Nothing special I can say, but I like the lady finger and actually it taste like Indonesian food :p I was pretty regret as well cause I change agedashi tofu into this one

Beef Tataki (Fillet Mignon)

Just so-so, I like Wan better but unfortunately Wan doesn't have the beef tataki anymore :(

Grilled Garlic Short Ribs

Nothing special.

Green Tea Tempura Ice Cream

Should try wasabi bistro, it taste better and the green tea taste to icy. I can't really taste the green tea.

BTW, it seems like I've been writing all negative about the food but I was so pissed of because of the taste. However I will give a second chance, going back and try the real menu not the Happy Hour menu. I hope it will better, and maybe thing have change, I heard they just change their chief sooooo, we will see.

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