Thursday, November 11, 2010


Happy Veteran's day guys :)

I'm currently in T-station right now, having my Ayam Goreng Balado and jasmine green tea without sugar + coffee jelly as my toping (as u can see below). I just don't like eating alone without doing anything, so here I am. I guess it's just a good decision to be here since they have FREE WI-FI *wink2*

Brief story about T-station.
I'm not sure when they open but I'm sure that it's not too long ago. A year or so? One thing for sure, they have made so much improvement since then. They add more new flavors on the list and my faves are the Milo and Thai Ice Tea :D wait wait, just realized that they just add some more new flavor. Their new flavors : Green Bean, Mung Bean, Wintermelon, Orange and Honey Lemon. I've never tried the Fruit Smoothies but just FYI, they also have Orange Berry as their New Flavor. Well, at least that's all what I just read on their menu :p

Food? Majority, they sell Indonesian Food so if you're tired of Indocafe or Julia's kitchen, this might be an option to try :P Have some good spicy Indo food + sweet refreshing drink :) What a good life :P

Ambiance? I like it here since it's bright or it can be just my personal preference to have bright and clean place to hang around. They also have plenty of board games, it's just a nice bright and clean with high sealing place. Other then board games, they also have two big screen TVs, one for you to watch movie and one for you for play PS3 or Wii. The only think that I like the least is the chair, they have a "build in" chair which i think pretty hard on your butt. Hehe, I just wish if they could cover it with just thin cushion it will be better. Almost forgotten! Friendly service is here with hearted smile. :P

Little review about my Ayam Goreng Balado, it's spicier than Indocafe which is good but the chicken is little bit too brown comparing to Indocafe. I gave 7.5/10 for the taste but 6.5 for the look. The rice texture more like Lontong, hehehe. but it's okay I like it. :)

Well, time for me to start working on my school work :) ciao!

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