Sunday, November 21, 2010

SRW #5 - Seastar

Now I will be reviewing Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar, I won't be writing too much because I'm pretty disappointed with the foods. I have to admit that they have wide variety of options, from sushi to tomato soup. Interesting isn't it? or not? :p


There actually 3 types of oysters, looking from their shape :) It's kinda fishy :( It might just our bad luck because my friend tell me that she loves the oyster here.

Washington Roll

I think they name it that way because they use WA apple as one of the filling. So-so.

Shitake Tomato Soup

Have no comment.

Dunges Crab Bisque

It's like comparing Heaven and Hell if we compare Seastar bisque and the Seafood Waterfront Grill spicy crab bisque.

Seared Scallop with Hazelnut

Among all, this is the thing that I like the most. Haha, maybe because it's pasta. You just never go wrong with simply pasta. It's more like pasta with white sauce + seared scallop and roasted hazelnut. Scallop lil bit salty (for my taste bud) and I just like the hazelnut.
Pana Cota

Once again, not the best one but the sour tangy sauce actually refreshing.

I actually feel bad for writing bad review, but what can I say? :S I might just too excited because Seastar is also under one management with John Howie Steak which claim themselves as the best steak house in Bellevue. My suggestion, next time if you want to recommend a place, never say something too good about the place or food. Based on my experience, it will always slightly fail because we just have too high expectation and thing doesn't go as we want :) Well, as usual. I let you decide and I might try their regular menu (just to be fair). Hopefully it won't be disappointing next time :)

Seastar Restaurant & Raw Bar
205 108th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA 98004
(425) 456-0010

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