Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Have you guys ever watched Iron Chef on Food Network? (what an intro -_-") If you guys have watched, you might or might not watch the series when Tilth Chief vs Morimoto (if I'm not mistaken) and surprisingly Tilth won. -_-"

I've only been to Tilth 2 times for brunch and never thought of going back again (this is why i was so surprised when Tilth won). I just can't find anything extraordinary on my plate. The only thing that I like is the design of the restaurant, because it's clean and bright. That's it. LOL.

Talking about the menu, I guess they keep changing and this is what we ordered a couple months ago (my 1st visit)

Hazelnut Scone

The scone just so so, but likey the hazelnut cream or butter :)

Salmon Hash

Salmon kinda fishy, I guess cause it's smoked

Duck Mini Burger

Kinda the highlight. Taste okay a little salty, likey the chips :)

Croque Madame

I don't remember anything about this -_-"

Omelet with spinach and mushroom

Super ordinary.
French Toast

Love the plating, the sizing, the texture. I have to say this is the best.

Overall, I only can give Tilth B because of the ordinary taste, but they DO have cute plating and nice place. A little bit salty for my taste bud and if compare to the size it's lil bit pricey. Well it might just because of ORGANIC but let you guys decide :)

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